3 Ultimate Eateries in or Near Garden of Five Senses, Delhi

Whether you are a permanent resident of Delhi or a tourist visiting the capital city of India for a week or so, you will never have to think about what to do or where to go because you have a plethora of options on your palate already. This time, we bring you the quintessential eateries in or near Garden of Five Senses. Distanced at just 2 kms from the Saket Metro Station, this beautiful garden is home to some of the best restaurants in Delhi. So regardless of where you are, be it your residence in North Delhi or your best 5-star hotel in Delhi western side, you need to visit these beautiful cafes and restaurants because there aren’t enough reasons to do otherwise.

Now, let’s delve a little deeper to know more about these amazing eateries. Maybe we will convince you in a single go. Have a look:

  1. Fio Country Kitchen and Bar

So if you are already at Garden of Five Senses and your appetite is going bonkers, we will suggest you to head towards the main entrance and take the right turn. A treat to your eyes and heart (and to your belly as well), this splendid open bar will catch your attention just in the right moment. Perfect for foodies who love open bars and restaurants, Fio Country Kitchen and Bar will not disappoint you a bit. Whether you want to go along with your friends for a Sunday brunch or with your lover for a perfect dinner date, Fio welcomes you with arms open. Cherry on the top is the breezy weather of Delhi, especially in monsoon season. To get the best of their kitchen, try their signature dishes. Moreover, you can also go for their Chicken Garlic Prawns and Apple Martini.

  1. Rose Café

Do you go weak in your knees every time you see a place proudly adorning the quintessence of the Victorian era décor? If yes, Rose Café is for you. Located at Butterfly Park, SaiyadUlAjaibExtension (Saket), this lovely place is a haven for people who crave for soothing ambience and luscious food. With its vintage Victorian décor, it appeals you like nothing else. Moreover, their scrumptious menu comprising of pizzas, salads, gelatos etc. will leave you drooling. Perfect for couples who are looking forward to going on their first date or ladies gang who want to spend some quality time with their kitty friends, Rose Café is ready to surprise you in its own unique ways.

  1. JugmugThela

If you haven’t been to ChampaGali ever, it’s the perfect time to plan a visit. Situated at Westend Marg, near Saket Metro Station, this place is renowned for its quirky, cute cafes and JugmugThela is one of them. If you are in love with authentic tea varieties and your sweet tooth is up for some hefty treat, just head towards JugmugThela, place your order at the big glass window which they proudly flaunt, and sit back relaxed. Moreover, its wooden décor is worth falling for. Also, the wooden seating arrangement perfectly suits the ambience. You can try their masala tea and Café Bombon along with some freshly made creamsicles.

Since now you are acquainted with quaint, beautiful places near Garden of Five Senses in South Delhi, you can choose whatever suits you the best. Moreover, if you are in the capital city for a short business trip, staying at one of the best business hotels in Delhi and looking for a peaceful place for casual business meetings, you can surely go to any of the aforementioned places.

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