How Your Travel To France Will Be Affected After The Introduction of ETIAS?

France remains one of the most popular countries among visitors for traveling purposes. The country is mainly famous for its astonishing architecture that holds great cultural and historical significance. Another thing that the France is famous for is Paris. Known as the city of love, Paris attracts millions of visitors every year. According to the reports, there were a total number of 89 million people from the world that visited the country in the year 2017. By this data you can estimate the popularity of France among the travel lovers.

France is situated in Europe. The continent of Europe has a total number of 44 countries, 26 of which is known as the Schengen Area Border Countries. France falls under the category of this schengen border countries that act as a single jurisdiction whenever it comes to the international travel matters. All the countries belonging to the Schengen Area has abolished all passports and other border security at their borders.

These 26 countries collectively has a population of 400 million people. These countries include France, Spain, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Finland, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Latvia, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland.

ETIAS France will permit you to stay in France for three months without a visa. The European Union is working on the application of a new visa-waiver system called ETIAS. ETIAS stands for European Travel Information and Authorization System.The introduction of new waiver system was necessary in order to protect these European countries falling into the Schengen Area as well as it is also important to ensure the safety of their borders plus the remaining European nations. It will also help the government in dealing with all the other immigration issues. It is suggested to apply for your ETIAS prior to your visit to Europe if you want a hassle free travel through the continent.

The process of applying for ETIAS is simple. It is very easy as compared to applying for a passport. But do note that you must have a valid passport in order to apply for this new visa-waiver system. You will just have to visit the official website and fill out an online application for asking for your basic information. Upon filling out these details you will receive a decision about getting your ETIAS.

After getting your ETIAS application approved, it will be valid for the duration of three years. You can visit visa free in the European nations for 90 days one at a time in these three years of validity period. But in case your passport expires before your ETIAS expiry date then your ETIAS will no longer be applicable as it will automatically be invalid.

The ETIAS can be used for four purposes like travel, transit and business. That means one can not use their ETIAS if they are willing to stay in the European nations for job and education purpose. The ETIAS will be compulsory from 1st January 2021and you will not be allowed to enter the nation if you do not have a valid ETIAS.

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