3 Good Reasons to Sell your Car

We all know how costly it is to run a car; the high insurance premiums, the fuel bills, not to mention servicing and repair. There is a huge price to pay for having a car at your disposal 24/7, but it is really necessary these days? It depends on where you live as to the need for transportation and if you are prepared to take the plunge, sell your wheels and find alternative ways to get around, here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy.

  1. Healthy bank balance – When you add it all up, that car costs a lot to keep on the road and the first thing you notice when you garage the car is your bank balance, which looks a lot healthier than it used to. Make good use of taxi booking in Wimbledon for those all-night parties and get to know the underground, which can take you to most places.
  2. Fitness – When you sell your car, invest in a decent mountain bike and get out on the roads, which is not only a lot of fun, it will burn off those extra calories and you’ll feel like a million dollars. Why not walk to your local shop? A few miles is nothing and you’ll see so much in the journey.
  3. No parking hassles – Getting around in London is so much easier when you leave the car at home and if you take your bike, lock it to a tree and you’re sorted. Parking fines knock a big hole in your wallet and it’s usually at rush hour, which makes things worse.

Search online and see what your set of wheels is worth and think what you could do with that wedge when you sell the car and start a new life.

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