Getting The Correct Immigration Advice Can Relieve Stress

If you’ve ever lived in another country then you might consider yourself an ‘ex pat’, a term that is usually used by westerners of other countries whom move to a different country when in actual fact they are, in the eyes of Immigration, immigrants, or ‘Aliens’.

Am I an Immigrant?

The definition of an immigrant is, some body that has chosen to move into another country and decided to get a home and or a job if needed. If you live somewhere like Leeds than you are very unlikely to hear any foreigners refer to themselves as ‘ex pats,’ they will likely call themselves immigrants and make full use of the available immigration advice in Leeds, an ‘expat’ may think that they don’t need these services.

What makes you so different?

If you aren’t quite able to agree or, see yourself as an ‘expat’ then you really should take a look at the name of the government complex that you need to visit from time to time, it is unlikely to say, ‘The Ex-Pat Bureau’. You are no different in terms of your immigration status when it comes to living in a foreign country, you are essentially a guest and need to act accordingly.

The odd thing is, if you do consider yourself to be an immigrant and make full use of the services that are available then you will probably get more than you bargained for, the UK for example, is full of nationals who don’t make full use of their own services yet would happily refer to a foreigner as an ‘immigrant’.

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