4 Ways to Avoid Bed Bugs when Traveling

Bed bugs are infamously notorious hitchhikers. Traveling is hands down the easiest way to get these bugs latch onto you and infest any place you go to, and what makes it worse is when these pests infest your home. Despite taking countless measures, your house may still be infested. It is difficult to be wary of your surroundings when taking public transportation or traveling, particularly when it comes to coming into contact with punaise de lit. But you can still take some precautions while being on the same. Here are a few:

  1. Do your due diligence

There are many websites that can enlighten you about the history of bed bugs. Almost every major hotel has a strong system to deal with bed bugs as the rumors of such infestation may plummet the business in no time. And because of the same reason, they tend to keep mum. Fortunately, you can refer to the crowd sourced websites and forums for the sake of due diligence when it comes to bed bug infestations in hotels, hostels etc.

  1. Inspect the room by all means

No matter what your due diligence suggests, you may want to inspect the hotel room as soon as you enter so that you are sure that you may not have to deal with any kind of bug infestation during your entire stay. In other words, pull your sheets and take a look at the corners of the bed for dead bed bugs or their droppings, egg shells or shed layers of skin.

  1. Keep your belongings safe

For additional safety, you can keep your luggage in such a way that keeps the bugs at bay. It may sound like a hassle, but if you are uncertain then you can always store your personal belongings in plastic bags and keep them sealed when not using your suitcase. It may not be a hundred percent effective, but it is a right step to take and will make it hard for a bed bug to latch onto your belongings.

  1. After you come back home

Always keep in mind that bed bugs travel by latching onto your belongings. After you come back home from a trip, check your suitcase before you bring them into your house. Vacuum your luggage thoroughly before you store it away. You can also use a garment hand steamer for steaming your luggage to kill the bed bugs or eggs that may have latched on from your trip. Also, wash all of your clothes, even those not being worn in hot water to ensure that these bugs don’t get placed into your wardrobe.

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