Cruise Travel Insurance – What Does it Cover?

When we talk about travel insurance, most people by default assume it as an insurance policy that covers any mishappenings in a foreign land. But what if we tell you that travel insurance can also be bought for your next cruise trip.

Yes, if you are planning to go on a cruise trip for your next vacation, then you should definitely consider buying a cruise travel insurance policy. Almost all insurance companies that offer travel insurance also have cruise insurance policies.

A cruise vacation is usually quite expensive and a lot of things can happen such as illness due to sea-sickness, trip cancellation due to bad weather, trip delays and in the worst case accidental drowning of the ship. Therefore, if you are planning a cruise trip, it is crucial to buy a cruise travel insurance policy. Alternatively, you can also purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes coverage for cruise travel.

Let us have a look at some common coverage included in a cruise travel insurance –

Trip Cancellation

Imagine if you have planned a cruise vacation, taken a flight/road trip to reach to the cruise destination only to find that the cruise has been cancelled or delayed by a few days or weeks. Now, you need to either spend money going back home or in staying there waiting for the cruise. It can be a huge financial blow which can be avoided if you have a cruise travel insurance.

Loss of Luggage Loss

While its rare but sometimes you may end up losing your entire luggage or a part of it in a cruise. In such a situation, a comprehensive cruise travel insurance will pay for the missing items or for the lost luggage.

Missing Cruise

There can be various genuine reasons which can lead you to miss your cruise. You might meet with an accident enroute or there is a medical emergency or a traffic jam. If you have genuine reasons (and not just carelessness) to miss the cruise and can prove it, travel insurance will compensate you for the loss.

Medical Emergencies

While there is adequate medical facilities on the cruise to help you deal with regular medical problems, some medical emergencies might need additional expense. In worst cases, you might need an assisted emergency medical evacuation or/and emergency repatriation to the home country. The cost for the emergency evacuation can be huge and a cruise travel insurance can help you deal with it.

In addition to all this, a cruise travel insurance also provides you with emergency assistance and support in case you have lost your travel documents.


If you really wish to enjoy your cruise vacation, buying a cruise travel insurance is a no-brainer. However, before buying the insurance you must go through various travel insurance policies and their offerings. It is a good idea to go for cruise travel insurance with no excess (even if that means slightly higher premium) so that the entire amount is paid by the insurance company.


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