Current Condition from the Travel Industry in Singapore


Cost levels of competition are inevitable and perfectly normal in almost any industry. It’s not surprising the cost levels of competition are very intense from our travel industry where you can find greater than 500 travel specialists (including tour operators). The amount has continued to be rather stable during the last couple of years – while you will find travel specialists exiting the, there’s also beginners arriving simultaneously. This signifies the supply of possibilities within the travel industry.

To stick out among your competition is difficult but not too difficult either. Precisely what it takes is really a strategy and persistence to determine with the changes you want to have. I usually think that focus shouldn’t be on cost alone (the reason for the cost competition) but additionally on supplying good customer support. I’m not promoting free and good service though it might be good when the business are able to afford it. Actually, good services are available in a certain cost. Free service doesn’t equal good service. Here is my meaning of good customer support:

“It’s about delivering exactly what the customer needs in the right cost. And also the right cost does not necessarily mean very cheap cost.”

“The best objective of supplying services would be to help customers spend time, effort/or money efficiently.”

Another definition on “Good Customer Support”

Giving customers greater than the things they THINK they’re having to pay for.

Not charging customers according to exactly what they’re getting.

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Travel specialists who’ve been running a business for a while must have collected a significant quantity of customers details within their company databases. And many of them might have utilized the database to retrieve customers’ information only if these customers go back to purchase more products or services. Unknown to those companies, the actual worth of this database is really measured in what the organization could use it to learn the company. Rather, they utilized customer data to accomplish registration and fulfill administrative needs but totally missed the chance to tell their existing customers about current promotions offered regularly. Travel specialists have to understand that these past customers are really taking less risk to buy from your agent whom they’ve purchased services before. Hence, getting good business by creating customer loyalty is certainly a less expensive and much more effective means than general advertisement on papers and magazines. As well as, keep in mind that existing satisfied clients are good referrals too, they assist to usher in more sales.

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Just One Salesperson COMPANY

There’s a fair quantity of small travel agencies in Singapore which are run with simply one sales rep, that’s, in charge themself/herself. While this is usually a normal method for these businesses to begin, many among them have arrived at a place where their companies growth is hindered through the fact sales is extremely determined by only the owner. In times such as this, when creating purchases, customers recognize just the sales rep or even the owner and never the organization or brand it sells. Consequently, the dog owner cannot sell the company to a different party. Sales just can’t be effectively used in the brand new owner without also buying over the expertise of the present owner.

Similarly, proprietors of travel agencies which depend exclusively around the competence of merely one salesperson to sustain the company encounter exactly the same chance of being held ransom through the salesperson. If the salesperson leave the organization, he’s also prone to bring all of the company’s customers together with him. To deal with this concern, the organization must seriously consider a method to develop the company of the organization to ensure that the organization may become a completely independent entity and it is sales won’t easily removed by anybody.

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Within my research into the local travel industry, I observed that staff salary went lower considerably in 2003 after which began to ascend progressively. What went down was salary has elevated correspondingly with sales growth. However, there’s been no indication the information mill using these staff more proficiently by growing their productivity level. With that, I don’t mean longer hrs for that staff, but instead producing more work on a shorter time of your time. Without it, employees salary continuously increase. In time, work cost would become unsustainable and could make the business to enter the red. This can occur in situations where sales continue to be growing. It’s not strange for travel agencies to collapse their companies whether or not the sales are great.

To forestall that, business proprietors must make certain that because the earnings of staff increases, the productivity from the staff also increases correspondingly. This helps to ensure that employees are adding more quality towards the business while their salaries increase.

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Using The Web

If only to focus on that Internet is really a tool that’s been regrettably neglected by the majority of the travel specialists. Interestingly, SynergyWorks website which publishes what they are called of participating travel specialists from the NATAS benchmarking study has in some way attracted many surfers when they were trying to find those sites of those travel specialists. One good reason is the fact that these travel specialists don’t have an internet site that belongs to them. If SynergyWorks was their competitors, we’d have attempted to transform any visitors into ours. As more users become internet savvy, companies with higher websites (are available through the internet search engine) will certainly come with an upper hands in growing their market shares.

PS: Go ahead and take test. Type in your business entirely (e.g. XXX (S) Pte Limited) into Google and find out whether my opportunity is rated greater than yours.

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THE Require A Fundamental SYSTEM

I came across that lots of agents don’t have a great system they could depend onto monitor their companies. A number of them couldn’t even see the need for a great system. (Note: A great and appropriate system doesn’t equal costly system). As a result, they aren’t able to evaluate their performance regularly. They depend on their own gut feel, which might not give them straight answers regarding their own companies. This means that they’re going to not know precisely where their sales are originating from, not able to consolidate their companies and develop on their own key strengths. Neither can you be capable of getting repeated companies out of your existing customers. Evaluating your companies according to sentiments isn’t accurate — it’s relative and can’t be quantified. For example take, sales in November were excellent, however in December, sales switched horrible. According to gut feel, a tour operator might conclude that his clients are not very good. However, the truth is our prime sales in November have really greater than compensated poor people sales in December.

Travelling has become part and parcel of many people these days. Singapore is one place that is known to support extensive range of activities all throughout the year. To know more about it, you can check out the List of Travel Companies in Singapore.

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