Travel Insurance: The Best Travel Insurance Companies and Their Comparison 2020!

As traveling is always a fun thing to do, whether alone or with family and friends. Hiking, beaching, roaming in a whole new city and getting to know new people, travel can be the most amazing experience. The only hurdle you may find in your route of the excursion is finding the best and cheap flights. Then there comes the travel insurance for your trip, and since travel insurance companies have different plans, finding the right one as per your paying can be difficult.

In several traveling insurance companies, you may find a little or no difference in their plans and policies. So, for your ease, we compare different travel insurance providers. Now, you don’t have to worry about your trip and budget. Let’s check them out!

World Nomads:

World Nomads is in the top position as it never fails to disappoint its users. It provides easy and comprehensive plans especially for people who want to visit more than one country on a single trip. It comes with easy to understand policies and highly efficient customer service system. If you are an adventure, you should choose World Nomad as it covers activities like hiking, kayaking, canoeing, rock climbing bungee jumping, etc.

it covers:

  • Emergencies, any medical or dental
  • Trip cancelations, delays, and interruptions
  • Baggage protection
  • Emergency evacuation, be it natural disasters
  • Medical transportation
  • Full-time customer support


Medjet gives you a premier membership program. Their plans encapsulate any problems including medical emergencies or any crises. The staff is cooperative when it comes to helping you out. Medjet makes sure that you are not stuck in a hospital away from your home country, so it ensures your safety among friends and family.

It covers:

  • Medical transport
  • Short time in the foreign hospital or healthcare centers
  • Both short-term and annual plans
  • For people holding the American, Canadian, and Mexican nationality.

Insure My Trip:

Insure My Trip doesn’t come under the label of an insurance company; it helps you know about the different plans and recommends what’s best for you. Also, their recommended plans come with different prices, so it would be better to choose the right one. The senior citizens should use Insure My Trip as it keeps in view the older people and gives plans accordingly.

It compares plans of around 30 different insurance providers it covers:

  • Low priced plans
  • Plans for senior travelers above the age of 65
  • Anytime Advocates can check your claims again if you think of it as the denied unfairly
  • 28 different companies are checked and compared for the best plan


STA is a travel agency by its roots, but it also has some steps in the travel insurance. It targets low budget plans for students and teachers, even with only USD 99 for a year. So, if you want to study abroad or teach abroad, you may choose STA. It gives its users an ISIC card which unloads several other benefits and discounts.

It covers:

  • Budget-Friendliness
  • ISIC card having benefits of more than 125,000 locations
  • All the basic coverage
  • Suitable for students

I hope, you now got information on travel insurance providers.

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