Discover Derbyshire in a Lovely Holiday Cottage

“It is a truth universally acknowledged” that a trip to the English countryside around the Peak District is one of the most desirable getaways imaginable. The area has long been associated with two major selling points – its beautiful pastoral landscape and the fact that it is the fictional home to Pemberley, the estate of one Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy in Jane Austen’s immortal Pride and Prejudice. If you are a fan of literature, that alone should make the area interesting enough to visit, and if you’re a Janeite, it’s an absolute must-see. And indeed, there’s quite a bit more to see in Derbyshire in particular, with the region mentioned by novelists as varying as D.H. Lawrence and George Eliot, and it’s a favourite place for film crews to capture a sense of quintessential pastoral Englishness.

If you yourself would like to stay in the area, and do so in a manner befitting Ms. Austen and her fellow Regency era writers and associates, you’ll want to book your stay at one of the great Derbyshire Country Cottages in the area.

Proximity to Tourist Sites

One of the first things you’ll want to consider when picking out the right cottage for your Derbyshire getaway is where in the area you’d like to stay. On the one hand, you probably don’t want to stay too close to the cities, so as to retain the sense of authenticity and rural beauty which comes from living out in the pastoral purity of the Peak District. On the other hand, you don’t want to be so removed from the major tourist sites as to make getting there a slog, either. The best holiday cottages in the Derbyshire area strike a happy medium between these extremes, offering you a great view of the area and the authentic Peak District experience.

Authenticity versus Comfort

That authenticity is, of course, one of the key attractions of taking a vacation in the Derbyshire area. At the same time, while the world of Jane Austen might be one of elegance and grace, chances are you don’t think living in a ramshackle shack with dirt floors is part of a luxurious getaway – however “authentic” that might be to the eighteenth-century experience. As such, the best Derbyshire holiday cottages strike a perfect balance between these two poles, with architecture and interior designs modelled after Regency era cottages while updating the amenities inside so as to reflect modern standards of comfort.

Desirable Amenities

Speaking of which, among the most desirable amenities offered by the finest Derbyshire holiday cottages are the following:

  • Heated interiors
  • Electricity
  • Wi-Fi
  • Modern kitchens
  • Pet access for certain cottages
  • Parking

Affordable Rates

The world of Jane Austen is rife with wealth, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to spend a fortune on a holiday cottage. Thankfully, the best sites offering authentic holiday cottages for visitors in the Derbyshire area are proud to be able to offer the finest rates of any site in the Peak District.

Experience the beauty of the Peak District at peak perfection in a perfect holiday cottage in Derbyshire.

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