Enjoying the best Lucy in Minneapolis: A traveler’s guide!

Minnesota is known for its food scene, and there is so much that you can explore in Minneapolis alone. If you are a traveler who’s in Minneapolis for just a weekend, you need to find the best restaurant and beer joint to enjoy what’s called the iconic ‘Juicy Lucy’, or just Lucy. There are restaurants in Minneapolis that serve Lucy in the most amazing ways, and combined with a pint of beer, this could be the best experience ever. You can also buy $100 gift card get $25 free at restaurants like Crooked Pint, to save some on your next dinner!

What’s the fuss about Lucy?

Well, for the uninitiated, Lucy is a cheeseburger that originated in Minneapolis. The burger, of course, contains loads of cheese with meat, but in this case, the cheese is inside the meat, rather being on the top like a traditional cheeseburger. Every restaurant in Minneapolis has its own take on the Lucy, but this is something you need to try here when you go out for a meal. Pubs serve Lucy with a wide range of other food items and beer on the menu, and on a boring weekend, this could be the ideal way to get those calories from incredible bites. Many restaurants have been liked and rated for serving the best Lucy in Minneapolis¸ and you can check online to find a few.

What else to try?

Bars, pubs and local restaurants in Minneapolis offer a wide range of food items that you can try beyond the Lucy. If you are on keto, check the greens and bowls, while sandwiches, tacos and shareables are as popular. Beef Stroganoff, for instance, goes well with alcohol, and there is the classic mac ‘n’ cheese skillet that’s served at many pubs made with beer cheese sauce. Shepherd’s pot pie, tater tot hot dish, and garlic parmesan fries are some of the other things to try. If nothing else works for you, just order some BBQ Chicken with beer of your choice, and we promise you will love the experience.

Lucy in Minneapolis is not just another food experience. You have to try the cheeseburgers here to know the difference. Find a restaurant that also has good spirits in their collection, and with a gang of good friends, you can enjoy being more than a couch potato. Shortlist the best outlets for Lucy in Minneapolis right away!

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