How to Refresh Your Morning in the City of Dreams

City life is hectic and stressful, with not a single moment of peace. Or so is the general consensus, especially when it comes to a cosmopolitan like Mumbai. While it’s true that the unrelenting traffic is a barrier between the residents of the city and a quiet life, but that doesn’t mean that one cannot steal few refreshing moments in the rosy hue of early mornings or inky blackness of late nights.

If you are a morning person, then read on to discover how to ensure that your morning in Mumbai can be made refreshing. And if you aren’t a morning person, then you should definitely read further, because you are about to be converted from a night owl to an early riser.

  • Juhu Beach: Given the rapid commercialization of the space, Juhu beach is one of the most crowded beaches of the country. While one can scarcely get enough space to step on the sand without anyone else bumping into them throughout the day and especially in the evenings, the scenario is quite the opposite in the morning. For a refreshing start to the day, go for a long walk along the deserted beach early in the morning, with sun rising over the horizon and birds chirping their way through the sky. Restaurants in Mumbai often open later in the day so one can grab a quick bite from the road side stalls near the beach, which open early.
  • National Park: For nature lovers and cycling enthusiasts, a cycling trip to the Borivali National Park early in the morning is the best way to erase the sleep from their eyes and energize them for a long day that lies ahead. The park has natural water bodies and abundance of flora, pathways and natural trails to be followed by adventure enthusiasts. Morning is the best time to visit this place as it is very peaceful and quiet.
  • Siddhi Vinayak Temple: The temple is renowned the world over for making the wishes of the devotees who visit the temple turn to reality. The footfall to the temple is immense, with devotees lining up for hours to get a glimpse of the beloved Lord Ganesha. However, in the early hours of the day, the crowd is comparatively thin and spending a few minutes inside the temple will fill you with zeal and divine energy to make it through a long and hectic day. There is truly something magical about this place.
  • Marine Drive and Chowpatty: Going to Marine Drive and sitting on the platform along the shore seems to be the birth right of every resident of Mumbai. At any time of the day, you would see people lounging around, some sitting alone and staring off into the distance at the vast sea and some in huge groups, chatting and laughing away. Except for during hot sunny afternoons, the place seems to be the crowd’s favorite place to hang out. However, the best time to come to the Marine Drive is during the early hours of morning for those looking to start their day in a quiet manner. Some people bring their yoga mats with them and meditate, some take a walk and some just sit and breathe in the fresh morning air.

Mumbai is a city that caters to the tastes of all. Whether it is about lifestyle choices, fashion or food preferences, there is something for everyone. From the best breakfast places to best dinner places in Mumbai, places that leave you awestruck with the scenic view, places that you would go to please the artist in you and places of any and every kind, everyone can find their own special spot in this huge city.

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