8 of Italy’s Romantic Destination to Share With Your Partner

Are you looking for some unorthodox romantic getaway with your partner? Then you might want to visit Italy. The beautiful scenery, fabulous people, luxury hotels, and sumptuous food are just some of the things that you will love about “Bel Paese.”

That said, we’ve listed down eight of the country’s romantic destinations that you and your partner should visit.

1. Monterosso al Mare

They said that Monterosso al Mare is the least attractive or charming from all the other Cinque Terre villages. It happened to be accurate, especially during 1948, when it was removed from the group because people thought it was “too big” to be joining the rest of the villages.

However, the following year, it was reinstated and has been crowned as the crowd’s favorite because of its lovely and enticing pebble beach.

Aside from the beach, this village happens to be dominated by the walls of an ancient fortress, which comprises the old town, as well as a very calming seafront promenade that is in the new village. This place is accessible by car or even by train — a perfect couple destination best enjoyed with some Monterosso anchovies paired with some white passito wine.

To this day, Monterosso al Mare is still living its prime moment, which is the reason why it deserves the first spot.

2. Pienza, Tuscany

Cheese lovers celebrate as the next destination gets introduced.

Pienza is a town in Tuscany that offers breathtaking views. It is known to be the “ideal city of the Renaissance” as it houses the Pienza Cathedral and the Piccolomini Palace, which are both intricately designed.

Another place to find some elegant Renaissance buildings is in the Orcia valley ‒ a UNESCO World Heritage Site and absolutely a must-see location.

The 1968 movie Romeo and Juliet used Piccolomini Palace as one of its movie sites before. The romantic vibes make it even more perfect as a couple’s destination.

3. San Gimignano

San Gimignano, which is still in Tuscany, is known for its medieval architecture and tower houses that are properly preserved. It may be a small village yet it offers so much more when you indulge in its subtly kept history.

Get up on one of those towers and you will see amazing views, which would actually make a perfect spot for popping the question to your fair lady, gents.

4. Amalfi Coast

And there goes the very famous Amalfi Coast. You’ve never really been to Italy without visiting this quaint and romantic spot in the country.

This 50-kilometer coastline makes it perfect for those romantic walks on the beach with the love of your life.

The best time to visit and pack those best carry-on of yours would be May and December as the place would be less crowded, and the temperature is perfect for some well-deserved sunbathing time.

Again it is accessible by cars or by trains and even boats during the warmer months. But they say that the best way to do it is to have an end-to-end drive on its coastal highway where every corner is picturesque and merely astonishing.

5. Riomaggiore

Apart from Monterosso Al Mare, another big village in Cinque Terre is Riomaggiore.

The town has a postcard-view coastline with colorful houses on its borders that add drama to the ambiance. It is known for its locally produced wine straight from its vineyards and a fresh seafood menu that is being served from its cozy restaurants. Perfect for a date night indeed.

Some travel from here to Manarola to watch the sunset. But if you went here during summer, you do not have to leave Riomaggiore anymore to see a breathtaking sunset view.

6. Florence

Florence is a city situated in Central Italy and the most populated place in Tuscany. Having said that, Florence is still the number one choice for couples who want to celebrate love. Hence, it is tagged as the “city of love.”

This Tuscan capital shouts love and romance in every corner as you walk down the streets beside the love of your life. Some romantic activities couples could do are the following:

  • Level up your street walk by having several stops for aperitifs.
  • Spend the night in awe as you watch an Opera in the church of Santa Monica.
  • Watch the sunset from Piazzale Michelangelo.
  • Have a picnic in Giardino Delle Rose

You see, depending on how you would want to spend the day or night in Florence, the options are never-ending. Spending a day or two exploring Florence is more than enough to celebrate that love you share as a couple.

7. Positano

Going back to Amalfi Coast, Positano is one of its most popular spots. Which makes it the number one choice for couples who wanted to have a beach wedding or maybe a honeymoon destination.

The colorful buildings serve as a backdrop for those holiday photos. And not to mention its endless range of restaurants that offer sumptuous food selection.

You and your loved one could take on a boat tour or skirt the coastline on a Vespa. Either way would bring you astounding views that are one for the books.

8. Rome

This capital city of Italy is known for its monumental history of imperial power. But more than that, every corner in this city is considered to be the best place to make new fond memories.

Tossing coins together at the Trevi fountain, paying a visit at the Sistine Chapel, renting out a Vespa to see more of the city highlights are only some of the romantic things you could do as a couple.

And to seal the deal, you could walk through Janiculum Hill where Caesar and Cleopatra celebrated their love. Make sure to come prepared as you might be left in awe with the stunning views from where you’re standing.

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